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Fallen Elements (Book 1)


A train ride, a beautiful woman, a possible romance… what more could anyone ask for? But there is magic in the air, old magic, and not everyone is happy about it. Ryan Myers’ life is on the fast track with a new career, a supportive group of friends, and an easy going relationship. Then an unexpected death, a diary that leaves more questions than answers, and a few family secrets turn her life upside down. Will Ryan be able to brave the elements and find the joy she has been searching for?



Hidden Elements (Book 2)

In this sequel to the paranormal bestseller Fallen Elements, revisit familiar characters and meet new ones in a world rife with dark magic and spellbinding twists.

Elise Sullivan had always managed to balance the demands of her work and the challenges of being a single mother to a headstrong teenager. She and her daughter Bailey had made a life filled with good friends and dedicated family. But something is wrong with Bailey. The once vibrant and outgoing girl has begun to withdraw, and Elise sees her struggling more with each passing day. Determined to help her daughter, Elise embarks on a journey that will change her understanding of the world, her place in it, and the fate that awaits them both.



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