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November's End


Fate moves you – whether it’s a gentle nudge or a violent push, your life is never entirely your own.  Calina Konev is a gutsy and determined young woman, trying desperately to support her family in early 20th century Baltimore.  Sparks fly when she meets her new co-worker Nessa Brennan, a charismatic beauty with a keen intelligence and lively wit.  But both women have big secrets…


Faced with impossible choices, Calina and Nessa must find the courage together to not only overcome the dangers of their everyday lives, but also defeat a cunning threat in a world neither knew existed.



November's Sales
Wayward Destiny

Julie Dempsey’s life is falling apart. She’s sabotaging her successful book series, and her love life is a mess. A tropical vacation is exactly what she needs to rest from her troubles and refocus her life.


When an attractive, charismatic guide promises Julie an escape she won’t forget, she can’t imagine the treacherous terrain that lies ahead. Danger pursues their every move as the two women find within each other the strength and courage to face what hunts them.



Wayward Destiny
Turn Darkly

“We’re animals. No shame, no guilt - no sin…” 


Astronomer Regan Andrews had not imagined the turn her life would take while working at the Addison observatory in remote West Texas. Focused on finishing her education and beginning the life she had been striving towards, she found her curiosity piqued by Lily Sexton, a beautiful local with more secrets than stars in the night sky. 


Turn Darkly is a tale of West Texas werewolves run amuck in this short story from the bestselling author of the Waking Forever vampire series. 



Turn Darkly Sales
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